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Product and material

Improve your operations, value-adding use cases and compliance

Top 5 product/material pain points related to data quality issues

Poor customer experience

Customer experience suffers because e.g., unreliable product and material attributes impair search results, personalized recommendations, offers, …

Risky obsolescence management

Expensive and risky obsolescence management, spare parts supply and inventory management caused by incomplete master data or wrong entries and duplicates


Inefficient procurement processes as product data is poorly maintained, resulting in a lack of transparency on supplier performance, quality, delivery times, pricing, …

Flawed pricing strategy

Flawed pricing strategy and cost predictions when product and material characteristics bias optimization and prediction models

and legal issues

Compliance issues due to violation of regulatory standards and industry requirements, e.g., inadequate labeling, safety standards, ESG reporting


How the DQ Platform supports 

Identify data issues

Smart, automated Data Quality rules checking for anomalies, such as missing values, duplicates/typos, inconsistencies, etc.


Improve data 

Integrated workflow and support for data corrections and improvement directly in source systems.


Ensure data quality

Issue prevention directly at the source, e.g., in the ERP (SAP or other core systems).

Optimized internal Operations processes with reliable data

+20-25% increased employee productivity by saving time 

Up to 10% revenue uplift by enabling value-adding use cases

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