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Optimize your procurement processes and performance

Top 5 pain points related to procurement data quality issues


Inefficient procurement processes as inaccurate supplier data and purchase orders can result in delays, errors, rework and reduced productivity


Financial losses caused by invoice discrepancies, billing errors, incorrect prices or contract non-compliance can imply payment disputes, financial penalties and costs

Reputational damange

Reputational damage and loss of trust as unreliable procurement data (e.g., duplicates, incomplete or outdated information) about suppliers/partners, products or materials can tarnish the reputation with suppliers, partners and customers


Compliance risks stems from incorrect or missing data (“ignorance is not an excuse”) as the company may not adhere to regulatory requirements and contractual obligations

Poor strategic

Strategic limitations and incorrect decisions when e.g., vendor performance is not correctly tracked, preventing procurement departments from optimizing supplier selection, negotiations and collaboration initiatives  


How the DQ Platform supports 

Identify data issues

Smart, automated creation of data quality rules for procurement master and transactional data


Improve data

Integrated workflow and support for data corrections and improvement in familiar tools (e.g., SAP Ariba)


Ensure data quality

Issue prevention directly at the source, e.g., in SAP Ariba, Coupa, Ivalua or other Procurement systems

Optimized procurement processes and compliance with reliable data

+15% productivity increase via automation

Up to 1-2% cost reduction potential via optimization 

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