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Optimize your finance processes toward finance excellence

Top 5 finance pain points with data quality

Incorrect orders
and invoices

Incorrect orders, invoices or payments due to incorrect/inconsistent account, amount, payment terms, recipient, duplicates, …

and consolidation

Financial misreporting/consolidation issues e.g., in period closing, statutory reporting, post-merger integration, …

Inefficient operations

Inefficient day-to-day operations due to error-prone manual data verifications, reconciliations, corrections, data entries in journal entries or misclassification of transactions


Incorrect strategic decisions based on unreliable or incomplete forecasts/budgets, reports or ad-hoc analyses

and tax issues

Compliance and tax issues, e.g., due to inaccurate recordings or data submissions to regulatory authorities​


How the DQ Platform supports Finance teams

Identify data issues

Smart, automated Data Quality rules and no-code refinement to check for anomalies, such as outliers, duplicates/typos, missing values, consistencies, etc.


Ensure data consistency

Consistency checks across tables and/or systems independent from the source.


Ensure data quality

Issue prevention directly at the source, e.g., in the SAP or Oracle system (e.g., for orders, billing, booking).

Optimized finance processes with reliable data

+15-20% productivity increase by saving time via automation

Better decisions as business partner with reliable data

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