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Identify data issues with just 2 clicks in Excel  

The Data Quality Assistant validates the data in your spreadsheets to improve the speed and quality of your work.

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What's the problem?

data errors

90% of all Excel Spreadsheets have data errors. Poor data leads to poor decisions/ outcomes.  

Manual &
repetitive work  

Employees waste valuable time on data issues. Young professionals leave due to unfulfilling work.


Sensitive, PII data is shared unintentionally, e.g., with third parties. Compliance issues cost trust & penalties. 

How we help

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The Data Quality Assistant validates your data with 2 clicks. It's easy to use, fully compatible, and identifies automatically these issues: 







In addition, you can:

Add your own rules

Compare sheets

Save time

Automate data quality checks to accelerate your work.

Avoid errors

Get instant overview of all potential data issues.

Increase security

Ensure compliance by treating PII-data sensitively.

Our users

...are from Professional Services companies (consulting, audit, tax) and Corporates (support functions like HR/Finance, Operations)

SVP at consultancy

The Quality Assistant is a great productivity helper. But even better, our people are much more aware of potential data and compliance issues.

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Ready to test?

14 days free trial

You can install the Data Quality Assistant in 1 minute.

Either open your Excel, go to “Insert”, “Get Add-ins”, search in the “Store” for “Data Quality Assistant” and click on “Add”, or go to the Microsoft AppSource store.


If you are interested in ordering multiple licenses, please reach out to

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Thanks for your interest!

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