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Excel DQ Assistant

Save time and avoid errors with the smart Data Quality Assistant in Excel.


Identify missing data, outliers, inconsistencies duplicates and formula errors with just 2 clicks. Stop wasting time on manual checks and ensure the quality in your analyses. 

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Make data comparison a breeze, both within and between your workbooks. Identify differences between spreadsheets in seconds. 


Instantly understand any formula logic, for instance in business cases. Trace precedents and dependents, identify relationships between input cells and formulas and see results of all formula components at one glance. 

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Get your data in order

Get the Excel DQ Assistant now and improve your data quality in seconds.

at consultancy 

"The Quality Assistant is a great productivity helper. But even better, our people are much more aware of potential data and compliance issues."

at audit firm 

"With DQC’s Excel Add-in, my team members minimize the boring, manual work and can focus more on the value-adding tasks."

HR manager
at corporate

"We receive many spreadsheets with highly sensitive data. The consolidation work is accelerated by multiple days each quarter, as we spend less time on the data cleansing."
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