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DQ Platform

Automatically generate data quality rules, document rules in a central repository and prevent/fix data issues. 

Automatic data quality rules

Automatically generate data quality rules for your Business functions, with DQC's proprietary and optimized AI algorithms.

Text to rule feature, leveraging GenAI.

Data contracts in central rule repository

Make it easy for Data and Business experts to create/edit/manage data quality rules. Automatically document everything in one place.

Improvement of data quality

Prevent or fix data errors in source systems. Leverage DQC's integrated workflow. Leverage our APIs and SDKs and setup processes to fix bad data in time and with the most automation as possible.

Data catalog integrations

DQ Platform integrates into all common data catalogs to keep data quality visible to all data stakeholders.

More features


Connect any data source or upload files


Quality rules in seconds via auto-generation


Alerting and improvement process


Prevention and data contract enforcement


Recommendations to fix data


All connectors

We offer a variety of data connectors to ensure you don't have to worry about it.

Variety of data sources, like AzureSQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Databricks, Snowflake, ...

... but also data catalogs, like MS Purview, Alation, Datahub and Open Metadata.

Get a grip on your data 

Get the DQ Platform now and ensure your data quality directly in data sources (core systems / data warehouses / lakes). 

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