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Count on your data as you count on your best friend.

Create Business data quality rules in seconds, not days.
Address data issues at the source, not at the end.

Trusted by thousands of people at leading enterprises

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... and many more at enterprises and SMEs across industries:

Industrial goods, energy, automotive, healthcare, retail, technology and professional services firms.
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Automated data quality management

Enable Data and Business teams to ensure high-quality data. Intuitive. Effective.

Productivity boost 

10x more and faster data issue detection via intelligent automation.


Ease of use to enable Data and Business experts.


10x better data quality rules improving data and business results.

DQ Assistant  

Ensure data quality when working with data in Excel. 

Save time and avoid errors by detecting data quality issues with the smart DQ Assistant. Say goodbye to manual data validation and hello to a streamlined and error-free workflow.

DQ Platform

Ensure data quality where the data is created and stored. 

Automatically differentiate good from bad data. Build on DQC's proprietary Machine Learning models to ensure consistency and accuracy directly in data sources (core systems, data warehouses/lakes).  

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Ready to join? 

Reach out today to discover how our data quality solutions can help you make informed business decisions with confidence! 

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